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Australian Assetto Corsa League, Tuesday nights / Re: The Grip Poll
« on: June 10, 2015, 09:55:33 AM »
While I voted no, I didn't 'hate' it, I still had fun last night. As a relatively new sim racer, but somebody who has played a lot of Forza games, it kind of felt like stepping back towards Forza in a way. One thing I've had to learn with AC is throttle control to maintain grip, but I found I didn't really need to care about it so much last night and could just floor it out of the corners and the car would still hold on. Similarly with braking you could pretty much just press the pedal right down and it wouldn't lock up.

For me it's probably more I want the game to remain consistent as I'm learning. If I'm playing on XGN server or other servers I want it to feel the same.

First race at the start got a side tap from Wally pushing me off the track while he was trying to avoid an incident in front, then I lost some control in lap 2, went slow into a corner and got hit from behind. After that I was at the back. After a few laps I managed to catch Grubbert but couldn't quite get past. He unfortunately spun out in the last lap so I did gain the place.

Second race I managed lap 1 okay, but in lap 2 I found Guy rejoining the track behind me, and with that pressure of the mighty brush on my heels lost some control meaning he gave me a tap (totally my fault  ::)) and I went 90 degrees into the wall and I had to let everyone pass so I could reverse out. I made up quite a few places, mainly from people losing control. Really need to work on my overtaking. Unfortunately think I picked up a 10 second penalty so the consistency I managed to find for the rest of the race went to waste... booooo

Assetto Corsa / G27 FFB Settings
« on: June 09, 2015, 03:47:07 PM »
Anyone have any recommended FFB settings? I've been using the default since I started playing, but I did some reading yesterday and found quite a few different sources suggesting different settings.

(had a theory that Heli corsa was causing it towards the end of the race but sounds far fetched).

Were you just lagging on your game freezing up completely for a couple of seconds? If the latter then it can be Helicorsa as I had that issue for weeks before figuring out what was causing it.

Going on holiday tomorrow Wally so gonna miss this one.

Race 1 lost a little bit of grip in turn 1 then had a tap from behind from Chris pushing me into Perch but managed to make it around, then suffered with the carnage going on after turn 2, getting tapped by a spinning Freezer, still managing to hold it into turn 3 but then getting hit side on my Wobbly pushing me off the track. Couldn't rejoin the track safely and ended up in last. Think I finished in 12th though which is where I qualified so happy enough with that.

Race 2 got quite a good start, but not sure who was 2 in front was jumping around all over the place and I attempted to avoid them and took somebody out, Perch? Sorry for whatever carnage that caused. Did okay until my pitstop where I either didn't change tyres or accidentally put the road tyres on and had no grip sliding around all over the place in 17th.

One of my kids then started screaming so I had to abandon the race. Happened last Thursday too  >:( Kids, who'd have 'em! Well apparently me as I have another one on the way due in November.  :o

That bold bit is good to know. I was never quite sure of that. Where did you get that info from? Also, I'd like to know how to get back to the default TC level.
With lots of clicking.  :)
Every car has the default set to a different value to make it interesting.
But you just start cycling through 1,2,3,1,2,3. I don't think you can get back to default.

You are correct, but you're not correct.  :)
Default is a value.  If you figure out which one it was (by feeling - I don't think there's another way) then you can get back to it by cycling.   
It's painful as hell.

Altho if it's only 3 settings it'll be fairly easy.  When it's 12 settings, it's somewhat trickier :D

I think the default is sometimes something like 1.27 though? At least that's what ptracker says. If I want to go back to default I quit and re-enter just to be sure.

Never done a pitstop before, better try them out

Yes, practice your pit stops. You can only do them online, in a race session. Use the practice server, kicked over to a race session. Once you stop in your pit box, a menu screen comes up. Choose what you want to do then click the tick button.

Tried this yesterday and failed, thought it was defaulting me the same fuel I put in at the start, but no, then I ran out of fuel. :o

Assetto Corsa / Re: AC News
« on: May 23, 2015, 08:52:11 AM »
New image from the bonus pack on ac facebook page

Apps / Re: Web Based Server Manager
« on: May 22, 2015, 04:29:49 PM »
Yep, I checked and it is possible, but a bit more work required.

Apps / Re: Web Based Server Manager
« on: May 22, 2015, 03:25:09 PM »
If anyone is interested in trying this out on their server I've now put it up on GitHub:


Just hit the Download Zip button on the right hand side and follow the instructions; not that much setup required.

I've been running it on my server for a couple of weeks and been making tweaks and improvements; seems to be running pretty stable now and I think I've fixed all the UI bugs (at least the ones I noticed).

Not really sure how useful this is, it was more of a 'lets see if I can do this with NodeJS' project, but I may be able to add more useful features to it. Was thinking something along the lines of savings drivers and their GUIDs so it would be easy to get up a set grid. Unsure if qually results get piped out of acServer.exe, but if they do I could probably make it do a proper reverse grid from a previous qually session; will look into it.


Think I mentioned to you before Bruce, but to be sure, I'll miss this one as I'm going on holiday next Wednesday. Lucky for me the following week is the bye as I'll still be away  ;D

Meh, was sitting quite nicely in 10th or so catching the pack in front and pulling away a bit from those behind when my daughter started screaming for me. Had to pull over (resisting making a joke about penises and vaginas), and came back a lap down  >:(

Just did a few laps here. Pretty fun track. Think I'm getting the hang of this car a bit more. Seems it's more about throwing it into the corners a bit quicker than I was in the last race then throttle control.

I had been attempting to drive smoothly and imitate the faster drivers, but on my last lap, threw it around and dropped 1 sec + on my PB, so we should see some controlled sldes, and drifts!

For sure, that's what I did in the last race; slow and controlled. Did that for a few laps yesterday, then started drifting it a bit more and managed to get into the 1:50s

Just did a few laps here. Pretty fun track. Think I'm getting the hang of this car a bit more. Seems it's more about throwing it into the corners a bit quicker than I was in the last race then throttle control.

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