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Good night but couldn't match Russ' pace.

Race 1 got a better start; he was stuck behind Wally and I was behind Mael. After I saw Russ was ahead of Wally I knew I had to make a move on Mael pretty soon before he closed the gap which fortunately I did then managed a 2.5 sec gap to Russ till the end.

Race 2 got away ahead again, but with Russ literally on my ass for 11 or 12 laps I finally made a mistake and went on to the grass letting him pass.

Race 3 Russ got away in front and just pulled ahead I couldn't match the pace.

Seemed like maybe having some wing was the way to go and I was a lot looser in the corners. If I parked it on the apex I could block and pull away on the straights but that meant not making a single mistake which was too much for last night.
Yeah Joe, I must say it was a good night for me too. It made such a change to NOT be punted out on lap 1 or 2 (as in most races this series) and then to have some great close racing without contact was the highlight for me.

Race 1: Wally got in front and I must say he put up a great fight while I was trying to find a way past. By the time my opportunity came, you and Mael had pulled a good gap. I hauled in Mael and not sure what happened, but it seemed like he just let me past. Then I started to haul you in but in the latter stages I think the tyres were going off a bit and I could only keep the gap. I think it was about 1.5 secs at the flag?

Race 2: I had Wally coming up the inside at the start where i was sure there wasn't a cars width. Maybe there wasn't quite as Wally touched me and he was spat out to the other side of the track.
Then we (the mighty Abarth's) managed to get away in front and as you said I was on your ass. I just followed for some laps, then started throwing it inside, outside etc but couldn't make a pass. Eventually I figured you succumbed to the pressure and had a little off letting me past. Then you were hassling me from behind for some laps. I think I got it by about 1 sec?

Race 3: I think I finally learned how to get the Abarth off the line and got away in the lead. As you said, I pulled away, but it was by small margins at first. Then I thought you may have relaxed and accepted second as I was building a bigger gap and finished something like 6.5 secs ahead?

Best nights racing for me for a while  ;D ;D

Assetto Corsa / Re: Simulator build - Hoonigan
« on: April 01, 2019, 05:39:25 PM »
I built this from aluminium profile for ~$1k plus car seat for ~$250. It only has 24" screens. I did have access to a friend who fabricated some of the aluminium parts for me to save money.
Very nice work Gratulin. Wish I had some of those skillz.
It resembles the Sim Lab rig https://sim-lab.eu/product/gt1-evo/
Did you get inspiration from there?

I properly hate racedepartment for downloads.  They put a last-century level speed restriction on their d/l's.

Here's the download from my dropbox.
RaceDepartment seems OK for me.
3.6 Mega BYTES/sec is pretty swift .. That's around 36 Mega BITS/sec.
From your Dropbox I got 3.7 Mega BYTES/sec ...
Maybe it depends on your ISP or something????
I dunno


OK, now this is getting silly.

So now you have to be driving recklessly to get a penalty? In that case I don't deserve any of the penalties I have been given in the past.
Bird at full lock? Your own replay shows that Bird releases the lock before the contact. Your replay doesn't show the fact that he also stayed on the power right up until contact as well.

Wally, sometimes I can't figure out how you hand out penalties - flip a coin - roll a dice? I've been penalised when someone else actually runs into me. I've been run off track and no penalty for the other person - racing incident apparently.
If this doesn't deserve a penalty, then I am completely lost. It's been stated many times that if you run someone off track on lap one and make them lose places you will be penalised.

If I was in Birds position I would EXPECT a penalty and would have no argument against it.

I was penalised in race 2 for bumping the back of killagorilla and turning him - I redressed. Was I driving recklessly - no. killa had arrived in the turn and actually ran into the car in front of him which propped him a bit and made my bump into him worse.

Honestly, I have never been banged around as much as I was in this set of races. There are people who deserve multiple penalties but I realise the entire races can't be reviewed. Personally, I drove a really clean night (except for one tap). I made numerous on track passes and every one was clean with zero contact. Every time I made places, someone would run into me and send me back a number of places - in all 3 races.

Anyway, apparently I don't know anything. In the last few weeks I've learnt that turning into someone who is fully up the inside in a turn and taking them out is a racing incident. Now I also know that running into someone who has passed you around the outside and taking them out is also a racing incident.

Well, let's discuss it here. These judgement calls have to reflect "community standards". If most people think it should have attracted a penalty, then I'm happy to change my standards.
Sure ...

Race 1
Turn 1 – Joe drifted a little wide and tagged the front right corner of Bird, sending him slightly to the left. Bird was slowly turning the corner, when ab156 re-entered the track from running a bit wide on the left to the side of Bird, and Bird just tagged the right rear corner of ab156, turning him around and causing a chain reaction. It was a fairly slow sequence of events and I can’t really put definitive blame on anyone, so I’m calling that a racing incident.
So, heres how I see it from the replay ..
Joe went straight ahead at T1 causing a light impact with Bird (this has nothing to do with what happens next).
Bird is now turning the corner. ab156 did not run wide, he was passing Bird around the outside.
ab156 did not re-enter the track, in fact he was in front of Bird, but Bird kept moving left. ab156 actually moved even further left (off track) and that's when the impact happened. At no time did ab156 move towards the centre of the track.
ab156 was well in front of Bird and was easily visible from the cockpit camera position. Bird had the opportunity to avoid the incident by backing off a little, but kept his foot on the gas right up until contact was made. No attempt was made to redress. ab156 and several other drivers were severely disadvantaged by the incident.

IMHO - very clear. Bird carelessly drove into the side of ab156 and caused the carnage.
Bird: please don't look at this as a witch hunt or anything. It's just how the replay shows it. We all cause incidents at times.

Race 1 replay available here if anyone wants it.

I respectfully disagree with the judgements but won't dwell on it.
I must agree with ab about R1. It's very clear.
How do you know which judgements AB is disagreeing with? Who do you think is clearly at fault in R1, and why?
Would you like a PM or to post here on the forum?

I respectfully disagree with the judgements but won't dwell on it.
I must agree with ab about R1. It's very clear.

I just got banged around all night. Thought I was in a demolition derby. Got knocked back early every race, made up places with a number of tough clean passes only to get knocked out again.
Very frustrating, but I had plenty of action to keep me busy.

Personally not a fan of the Rent a Car system, but happy if others like it.

Thanks Russ for turning me around in race 3...you could/should have redressed...you know that, don't you?
Hi killa,
Just watched the replay and I'll put my hand up for that.
My only excuse is that I was in a really hot battle with Joe and wasn't expecting your lunge up the inside (which was fine), but I guess I wasn't expecting you to be as slow out of the turn ....
As for redressing, I normally do it, but maybe I was a bit jaded after race 1 where I was pushed out twice with no redressing.
All I can say now is ... sorry mate.

Racing general / Re: F1 2019
« on: March 11, 2019, 10:31:22 PM »
I have a ticket to some Friday night gala, but I think you might need a tie for that (which I don't have), so Margarita's sounds like a good alternative. ;)
Margies would be much more fun

You don't REALLY know it until you try the Margarita's :)
Just one rule .... if you come and join us, you have to drink frozen Margarita's until your head hits the table  ::) :o 8) ???
Just sayin'

Assetto Corsa Competizione / Re: XGN Online Server
« on: March 11, 2019, 10:20:39 PM »
Well either I'm just stupid or the ACC Server List is completely brain dead (which it is anyway) because I can't find it.

Racing general / Re: F1 2019
« on: March 11, 2019, 01:45:35 PM »
I think a few of us are going to catch up on the Friday evening at Taco Bill on Clarendon St just down the road from gate 3, AB156 has enticed us with  "horrible tex-mex and cheap frozen margaritas"   ;D ;D ;D :P :P :P :P 8) 8) 8) 8)

then next morning this is how we will all feel   :-\ :-\ :-\ :-\ :-\ :o :o :o :o :o :( :( :( :( :( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'(
Ahhh, the Margarita's, you gotta come for the Margarita's  :o :o - oh, and the hot sauce of course  ;D ;D

The turn 1 impacts are a bit hard to unravel. Bradc was turning in tight from the left of track, and moved too far to the inside of the corner. At the same time, RussG was under locked brakes on the inside and hit the side of Brad, and then on into ab156, spinning him. Because ab156 was so disadvantaged, a half fine of $150 goes to each of Brad (for not staying on his side of the track in turn 1) and Russ (for hitting Brad under locked brakes).

No locked brakes and I strongly debate who hit who. Just trying to mind my own business, watching other people and hoping to get through T1 without being hit.
JamieP was flashing down the inside, then I lost sight of him so I was leaving a little bit of space on the inside (in case he was there somewhere) and turning in from a shallow line so I was obviously going to run out a bit.
Some people just don't seem to have any respect at T1 and just try to barge through. But Ho humm, it's the same every race ...

I'll be away for 2 weeks on holiday  ;D ;D

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