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Well done Des , they just keep getting better and better, I like all the additions you have made.

 LOL Marty and Joe.

I again had a fun night with a car and setup I am now completely comfortable with. The fact of being the fastest qualifier in race 1 weighed heavily on me (don't recall being on pole ever before) and I stuffed up by the third corner, giving the race away; still I had some great battles with Phil and Marty (shows what ballast can do). Race 2 was not as good but still fun ( the replay does not show exactly the circumstance of the contact with Marty I was crossed up and hit the brakes to straighten up) . Race 3 was interesting in that the lap times were not that much quicker without ballast. Still really like this car , it reminds me of hooning in my youth crossply tyres and all.

I am as happy as I can be.

would everyone prefer 2 or 3 11 lap races or keep as a 25 or 30 lap enduro ?
I like 2 or 3 races. It keeps the field closer.
+1  I think enduro's should be run on longer tracks.

I also like Wally's idea, but I think Silverstone is too short a track for driver swaps, plus I need at least 2 laps to even start to feel at ease in a car.
Should we finish this season with the status quo and try some of these ideas over the xmas break. I am also really looking forward to Brand's GP it is one of my alltime favourite  sim racing tracks , I would have clocked up over a thousand laps at this track over the years.

Server is up, with ballast set by the official handicapper, who was even kind enough to find a prime number for Bacchulum.
I will modify the ballast on the night if it doesn't work out

Enjoy you surprises :)
Jeez Phil, you're great, mate. ;)
I think you may have been a bit heavy handed with the ballast Phil, after 4 laps even I was quicker than Bacculum  ;D

Hardware & Reviews / Re: CSR pedals 50% off
« on: December 02, 2016, 11:52:31 AM »
I looked at this but there is no USB connection  >:(

After a week of frustration with this track, with use of "Phil the Great's" setup I started to enjoy driving around this circuit, thanks Phil.
The changing grip levels in AC is one aspect of the sim I have great difficulty with, because there is no wet track simulation, major grip level variations really mess with my head, as the track always looks the same! I also believe  a 2% or 4% change in grip level would not translate into the decreased lap times that result. When I used to jump into my car to "literally" race to work I would not mentally assess the grip level on the day and adjust my driving accordingly , it was to all intents and purposes the same every day except when it was raining.
Congratulations to the podium people and I again had fun being a mobile road block.
Bad luck Bruce with your momentary lapse of concentration, at least the last 2 rounds should be a bit better with more familiar tracks and a good setup.

Real Life Motorsport / Re: Geelong Sprints are on on Nov 25-27th
« on: December 01, 2016, 05:12:26 PM »
What time does the FJ do Bruce ? it looks fast. The comet is a screamer , would it do a 14s flat in a straight line ? It sure looks like a lot of fun.

I have updated humper's windscreen name tag, it wasn't showing and a different font to extra visibility trial.
see first posting this thread.
Not sure where I should put this.
Which is Humper's car?  ???
"classic_1" is my understanding.

Race Videos / Re: Highlights Video of Cadwell Park
« on: November 28, 2016, 08:45:16 AM »
Great video Shameless, best yet, it was certainly full of action I watched it from start to finish. The airborne shots are spectacular ,especially the one of Joe !! Just goes to show what a great bunch of drivers we all are, in the Thursday league, a great add for XGN. The names are now also very clear , thanks Bruce.

Sorry about my race start incident still had my foot on the clutch from the start and when i went for a little trail braking into the first kink, the car didn't slow much by standing on the clutch. Rookie mistake. Anyway had a lot of ground to make up after that but had a lot of good racin with Roo, AJ and Bruce. AJ putting the thumb screws on me all the way to the finish line.

So remember kids when trying to slow the car down the clutch pedal is not the most effective pedal at your disposal.
lol Humper

Well done to the podium people, this track is intense and 18 laps was a real workout. I knew before the night from my lap times I would be at the back of the pack, I usually judge how well I am lapping by comparing my times against Flattop( he is a better driver than me) and I was way slower. I just could not get a fast line around this track ! I still had some fun with quite a few others in the race though , being a mobile road block.
I really liked Bacchulum's comment about "shaking at the end of that", this is what sums up  the immersion factor of simracing and something that non sim racers will never understand, and why it is so addictive. Roll on next week.

Great shot , 3 wheels of the ground!

no all 4, and quite a few times. Get the angle wrong and come down sideways sliding and locking up to the right hand corner.. .
You are quite right, should have been obvious on my 48inch monitor  ;) I did not see the shadow under all 4 wheels.

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