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will do,  get well soon Wally
Too many sheeple...
[Just noticed Phil's signature and couldn't resist...haha]
Anyway, guess I'll be back next season. Get better soon, Wally.

Hey Wally, lots of real life distractions atm...will join in race 2 or 3.
Have fun  :)

Australian Assetto Corsa League, Tuesday nights / Re: S33 Car Poll
« on: May 06, 2020, 11:12:23 AM »
Not sure if I'm getting this right, but I've got the impression that a number of people (me included) haven't done any or very little practice in the Lotus.
It will be interesting to see (if that's the case) how it affects a race where we're all sort of equally prepared...or equally unprepared...possibly stretch the field a bit...less mistakes as well, which may result in less close racing.
So I believe it's difficult to compare the race in the beamer with the Lotus one. Of course I understand that the beamer is not popular, but that's another thing.


You know how many laps it took just to match Bueller's time!

Yeah, just got a bit excited...it's a very rare thing I'm finding myself on p1 on the server...Freezer spoiled it in the meantime of course.
It's a challenge keeping the rear end under control, but, still, it's a lot easier than the 98T I find...it should get us some close racing...and a lot safer starts too.

Mael, just letting you know you're a bit slow  ;)
[yes, I know, I'll get punished for my bragging...haha]

However, I put on my Momo Mod78 for the beamer...seems like it's made me faster  :)

This car is not a good car for a default setup season imo.


For me this is an especially good car for fixed setup. The reason is a decent setup with the Lotus 98T can give a driver a lot of extra speed, spreading the field out even further.  With slower easier cars like the upcoming BMW M1 changing the setup doesn't really matter, there are no real advantage to be found.

Waiting for the counter argue Killa  :P

Hmm...the tricky question is, 'what's a decent setup?'
Joe says 'default is great', I say 'this car is uncontrollable'. Of course Joe is right because he proves he's faster on default.
Guess basis for a fun season for me is some good close racing and that I actually manage to keep the car on track and cross the finish line.
The option making changes to the setup would help me keeping it on track...that's usually at the expense of the car being willing to turn in easily, max speed in fast turns and top speed.
I'm sure it's not just Joe, who wouldn't like my setup.
However, it helps me finishing the race somewhere in the bulk...whether it's on the podium, 6th or 10th...doesn't matter.

So I disagree on the extra speed thing...making the rear-end more stable usually comes with undesired side effects.  :)

I wasn't as slow as I was expecting to be, but I lacked consistency...was affected by mistakes of others and made mistakes myself.
The starts were just a mess...actually pure luck that I didn't contribute to it.
This car is not a good car for a default setup season imo.
So I got a bit used to it, but I don't think it would be my pick for a season.

I find this track isn't good for this car...barriers and walls are way too close to the track  ;)

Default-Joe hasn't put up a time yet...wonder if a 1:24 is possible  ;)

Tried it out last night. Yeah, I'm pretty sure this 98T and me won't become buddies...lacking patience...and driving skills...

Yeah, that was a messy one...sure I gotta take the blame for at least a couple of accidents.
So my apologies to the guys affected.
Race 2 was actually quite good, but the rest I better forget quickly.
Bad accident in race 3 made me calling it an early night.
It was a good and fun season...a pity especially Wally had to suffer from a few mistakes of mine towards the end.
Thanks Wally for your efforts...next one (hopefully not with a fixed setup as it is being discussed atm)  :)

I haven't had the time to try ACC...so I'm still keen on a GT3 season  :)

Good start in race one, but I think I got hit (can't remember, something went wrong anyway) in the first turn, went off and lost a lot of positions because of that.
Well, big apology to Wally for the nudge...I screwed it  :-[
Yeah, probably was a bit overly keen after the messy start and made a number of little mistakes in races 1 and 2.
Race 3 was good. It's a fun track...works well with these cars.

Australian Assetto Corsa League, Tuesday nights / Re: S32R6 - Imola
« on: April 08, 2020, 04:51:24 PM »
Great videos...thanks. Yeah, lots of close battles with ab156 and Wally. I only had to shoot Wally off once to let him know he's too slow...otherwise he's been fast...too fast actually  ;)
Didn't manage to work out what tyres were better, but I think the mediums worked well.

I think it took me about half an hour to do a valid lap when getting on the server an hour before the race.
It's a difficult track.
Qualy was good and the start of race 1 as well...even had Joe behind me...well, for a short time anyway.
Lost 2 positions due to an incident and then chased Wally...got pretty close, but wasn't able to pass.
Was thinking changing to mediums during race 1 and 2, but wasn't brave enough...they got pretty hot while doing just a few laps before qualy.
Really happy with the results considering the lack of practice.

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