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Qualy was a bit average. I've done a few 1:33.7's and 8's before, but somehow I didn't get it right yesterday although I actually did have a pretty clear track...no one but myself to blame.

So after gaining a couple of positions I was following Mael and Matthew at a close distance, but there's no opportunity to overtake. It was a good race for me anyway.
Shayne, sorry about what I've done to you there. I've got no recollection about this and tried watching it on replay, but race 1 didn't get auto-saved...no idea what happened.

Race two was a lot of fun...plenty of position changes and generally pretty clean racing.
Freezer, guess you read Wally's post...sorry, but not my fault. Looking at the replay it does look like it was my impact which sent you off.
Phil.8, sorry I was involved in you going off again. You were upset and blaming me over the radio. However, looking at the replay I have to say again, pretty much 100% your fault.
After your tussle with Grat you were coming out of the right hander at the bottom of the hill a bit slowly so going up the hill I was slightly ahead of you before the left-hand turn, but I was braking a tad earlier and more not being on the race line and in order to give you space on the outside of the track (you're welcome). So space for you was there, but you didn't use it and went too far towards the apex where I was. Sorry, but I gotta ask the question, what do you want me to do in situations like that?
Worth watching the replay imo...ideally the one at Okayama as well.
However, we've had some good side by side racing before in this race...was fun even though I lost that one :-)

In race 3 I was by myself most of the time. Managed to overtake Bacchulum pretty early and built up a gap.
It was good racing and I'm happy as Larry about finishing the series on 3...of course I know I'm not the 3rd fastest...lucky I guess.
At the beginning I didn't get too excited about this BMW 235i, but it grew on me a bit...was a fun series.
Thanks everyone and Wally for organizing this so well.

worst quality of racing I can remember at xgn,  the tactics of some people are putting me right off Tuesday races
I've made two mistakes myself so I want to be cautious especially at this race. My apologies to Shayne again and I've done a stupid thing at the end of start finish straight...not sure but I think I didn't take anyone out there when I braked way too late...dunno why...apologies there too to the ones affected.
Phil8, you were complaining about the incident at the hairpin in race 1.
Strange, but it seemed you weren't aware of me being on the inside for quite a long time. The way I see it we were side by side. However you went for the apex, but the problem was that I was there. I've done many sharp turns there so I was prepared to go side by side through there. You crashed into me...your fault.
You may have watched replay in the meantime and have changed your mind about this one. Just surprised you went so aggressively for the apex.
Now, the other Phil, we were going side by side towards the hairpin and I was at the outside. That was race two.  No idea why, but you suddenly pulled left and I was there at the edge of the track. I mean to overlook that and noticing the presence of someone there when getting a bit of a nudge is ok, but you kept pulling left as if you wanted to push me off track. That was roughly in the middle of this long straight. I had to aggressively steer right to avoid going off. What were you thinking?
Anyway races 2 and 3 were messed up.
Yeah, Wally I think we've had a bit of side by side action as well. I'm not worried about what happened there :-)
It was close and fun racing, but I'm disappointed about the result.
My qualy was bad...picked a bad time to exit the pits.

Australian Assetto Corsa League, Tuesday nights / Re: Future Season Ideas
« on: January 29, 2018, 09:55:11 PM »
How about using mouse and keyboard...and keep it interesting ;-)

Australian Assetto Corsa League, Tuesday nights / Re: Future Season Ideas
« on: January 29, 2018, 07:04:33 PM »
Think I qualify as a sim racing noob...600h total on AC, a bit GSC Extreme and the rest is WRC on PS quite a while ago.
So is this Guybrush an 'alien' then? I mean his server stats are pretty impressive.

When it comes to democracy, that's like in the real world, you vote and someone else decides.

Australian Assetto Corsa League, Tuesday nights / Re: Season 21 format
« on: January 26, 2018, 09:15:03 PM »
That's a good idea and it makes it more interesting for the fast guys...instead of just cruising sometimes.
Or actually it affects the guys further back as well...it's a good thing and you can use it strategically to your advantage.
When it comes to creating close competition a ballast system based on position in the overall standings or based on the actual outcome of the previous race or races  (which is reflected in the points you get) would be better though imo.
Doing the fastest lap in a race is a nice thing, but it has no direct affect on the championship and therefore I find it a bit inefficient compared to the other options available.
Just my opinion :-)

Australian Assetto Corsa League, Tuesday nights / Re: Future Season Ideas
« on: January 24, 2018, 03:53:22 PM »
I'm happy  :)

Australian Assetto Corsa League, Tuesday nights / Re: Future Season Ideas
« on: January 24, 2018, 01:13:19 PM »
I am not talking about driving fast, anyone can do that alone

Mate, you got me wrong. My understanding is you're talking about building up race craft and the way I see it it's very difficult doing that on Tuesday night's racing because it's simply not enough imo. Seat time is the key...at least for me.
There's a pretty fast little Abarth 500 and I've had some great fun with it racing with DC, Rexology, Hotdog and some others. However, it seems you're talking about even slower cars...yeah, and I just like faster ones more. Anyway just making suggestions...not my decision.

Can't remember driving the Ferrari 599, but it does sound good as well.

Australian Assetto Corsa League, Tuesday nights / Re: Future Season Ideas
« on: January 24, 2018, 11:49:52 AM »
I reckon the slowest cars on the shortest tracks possible, give everyone a chance to brush up on race craft

Nah, please...and where's the fun?
Anyway, fast cars = fast learning  ;)

Seriously, seat time makes you fast...and that's being done by yourself whether on the server or offline doesn't matter...I doubt that little bit of racing on Tuesday nights will be enough.

Australian Assetto Corsa League, Tuesday nights / Re: Future Season Ideas
« on: January 24, 2018, 10:39:42 AM »
If not open wheeler I think we should give that Lotus 3 eleven a go...was pretty good in the poll anyway.

I see, that's why you were suddenly so slow...was actually settling for 4 in race 1.
I saw the crash on the long straight in race 2 early enough to slow down and my plan was to navigate through this mess somehow. However, someone behind me thought I should join and shot me in there...then bouncing my way through there...was sideways, but I think bueller gave me a nudge at the front to kindly put my car back in the right direction :-)
Well, surprisingly enough that thing was still driving so I kept going...and actually gained some positions. With a bit of luck I made it all the way to the front...yeah, first win this series...pretty happy.
Good start in race 3, but 60% restrictor slowed me down a lot so I lost 3 positions early in the race. Then I just managed to stay on track doing 2:35's I think...and came in 2nd because of accidents of I think Kcender and Bueller.

Australian Assetto Corsa League, Tuesday nights / Re: S20R5: Highlands
« on: January 21, 2018, 10:11:58 AM »
Done a few laps a find it's a fantastic track...great fun.
Doing 7 consecutive laps just being by yourself on track without completely wrecking the car is a challenge (while somewhat driving on the limit), but doing that with 25 other cars is gonna be...err...interesting  ;)

I'm good with whatever decision. Like I said I accepted the decision from the start even though in my mind it wasn't my fault at all as shit happens. It's only when I'm being told it was actually my fault I feel the need to defend myself as to me this is the most clear cut incident I've been involved in.

I don't come here to win, I come here just to have fun. I've never said a bad word on voice chat and I don't complain really in the forum, and this type of drama kind of takes the fun out of it.

Thing is I didn’t complain about the decision either. After watching the replay I though racing incident was fair, we will of course both have different opinions on it but that’s racing. Then RussG had to get the pitchforks our even though he wasn’t involved and ironically the only one who is 100% at fault in the following incident for joining the track unsafely and hitting me, maybe he wanted to increase my damage restrictor....

The fact you weren't aware of Joe being right next to you and a fraction of a second before the collision even ahead of you is a matter of concern. Again, everything Joe has said is 100% right imo. Can't follow your interpretation of the incident at all...doesn't make sense to me. This case couldn't be more obvious and to blame him for this...well, what can you say...
Russ went off track in order to avoid a collision with you. The way I see it, it would have been considerate and fair of you to leave him a little bit of space so he can get back on track asap...it was your fault which made you an obstacle there on the race line in the end. However, you blocked him most likely being completely unaware of that. If you haven't been able to detect Joe's presence right next to you for such a long time it's no wonder you were unaware of what affect your actions before had to Russ, but you've watched the video in the meantime...
Russ was very fast and it looks like he must have seen you very late...so he pulled left...why not let him get back on track?

I'm with Joe on this one. Godzilla should have definitely known about Joe being on his left and in this turn there was no need to go for the apex anyway.
As Godzilla was closing in on Joe their speed was leveling off more and more...so where should Joe have gone if not being next to Godzilla? It was actually Joe's line imo...
Wally, of course not my call, just an opinion :-) Would have thought Godzilla should have even clearly heard him being so close right beside him.
I'm using Crewchief (btw. definitely turn swearing on). He would have warned him of Joe's presence as well in this case.
I'm running a quad screen setup and, no doubt, I would have seen Joe in this case without glancing left.
A question to VR users, are you actually looking left and right in a situation like that or are you just focusing on your race line?

Race one was an uneventful one...was there pretty much by myself on 3 with a pretty decent gap to the guy behind me, but Phil and Kcender were a tad faster so they were pulling away slowly.
So starting 3rd last on race 2, but a bit too cautious at the start, which moved me back last.
It went good after that and I managed to make my way to the front end somehow. There was some really good close racing. I think I was going side by side with Bacchulum through some turns without contact...was great :-)
Got involved in a crash later where a few guys were battling for position in front of me at the S at the end of the long straight. So they messed it up and one car was suddenly parking square right in front of me in the middle of the track, braked hard, but I couldn't avoid contact. However, luckily enough no serious damage for the both of us (I would think).
Race 3 was lots of action...many changes in position and some very close racing with Jeremy and Shayne. Made a couple of mistakes as well. It was a bit difficult racing close to Jeremy at times as he was lagging quite a bit, but we were lucky and it didn't cause a major collision.
Was fun racing...thanks

Assetto Corsa / Re: Triple screen confusion
« on: January 15, 2018, 11:35:02 PM »
That's what it looks like with me (3 24" screens at a distance of approx. 540mm, a fourth screen is on top of that):

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