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I'm between Mael and Killa in the season standings, and these are our practice lap times so far... it's going to be interesting, although I expect Mael to pick up the pace.

3.    killagorilla    01:15.090
4.    XGN Wally    01:15.446
5.    Mael    01:16.175

Yeah, looks like that :-)
I didn't know Croft, but I've raced Mills quite a few times before and apart from tweaking the setup a bit (again, it's a weird car to me, but nonetheless fun to drive) I think I learned a bit better how to drive it.
See how we go...probably very difficult to overtake there...and I'm not so sure the sharp left-hand turn after the long straight is a good spot...

I don't think I've disliked a car as much as this one. I did no practice because I hate driving it, but then that means I can't drive it at all for the race. Usually a car I don't really like I can still have fun with in a race but not this one.
You've done a great qualifying though considering that's without any practice.
I beat you by just 2/10 and I did prepare for this race...had to learn the track though.
The car feels pretty good to me and I like driving it.
On the other hand I simply do not understand it...really struggle setting it up.

After struggling with braking and turn-in and acceleration out of corners and, well, just about everything for the first couple of rounds I decided to go searching for a setup that might work better. I was trying out the Camber Extravaganza and getting worser and worser! Since no one at XGN Tuesdays posts their setups I decided to give The Setup Market another go.

Turns out they have an App now - http://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/the-setup-market.10149/

I found a setup and loaded it. It felt fantastic and I got down to the 1:38s. Wanting to learn what the setup magic was I did a comparison with the default setup. Turns out the only thing the setup changed from default was the traction control set to 9.
So, there you go. Learnt absolutely nothing in the whole exercise

Haha, that's a funny one. So what would you say if I told you that I've done a 1:37.5 on traction control set to 2?
I don't know if I've driven that car before, but it feels great on that track.
Really does seem like the whole setup tweaking exercise is a waste of time ;-)

Wally, sorry, but I won't be able to do this one either.
Wheel is pretty much ready to be shipped, so chances are good for race 3.

Assetto Corsa / Re: AC News
« on: February 23, 2018, 07:53:56 PM »
Fuck. >:(
Microsoft couldn't get me to update but it looks like AC will. ::)

Haha...I'm with you  :)
Yeah, Win 7 support is ending soon anyway...what can you do.

Sorry to hear that Simone. How about wireless broadband - is that an option?
Wally, still waiting for my wheel to arrive. It won't happen in time for race 1 that's clear. Sorry, I'll be missing out.
Have fun

Don't like the US flags there on the wing. Would be great to get rid of them.

Add these two files to your folder for Aussie Flag.


Awesome!!! Many thanks  :D

Don't like the US flags there on the wing. Would be great to get rid of them.

Hi Wally, can you get me in-game no 40, the plain black one, please?
I should have my setup up and running again by the start of the series, worst case I'd miss out on race one.
See how we go.



Congratulations to Kcender87 on the two race wins.

I did really well in race 1, coming 3rd after other people's accidents and track cutting penalties, also managing to put in the most consistent lap times.

Race 2 was a bit more eventful, with a few accidents here and there and some brain-fade spins on kerbs, but it was still immense fun. I was eventually in a nice groove, just listening to the screaming V10.

A season with no damage, and tyre wear tweaked so that you could just manage to get away without a pit stop with some tyre conservation, or opt for a pit stop with a short stint on softs, would be a lot of fun.

Great to hear it was fun...such bad luck I couldn't join...love this car. Gotta try it at Bathurst ;-)
I monitored the server lap times before. For sure that Andy would have been a challenge for kcender.
A season in this guy would be fantastic.

Assetto Corsa / Re: VR - exciting times ahead...
« on: February 11, 2018, 08:06:35 PM »
I'd think even 5k's would be pretty good, but the thing I like the most is the FOV...200° is pretty much real life experience, isn't it?
However, I doubt current graphics cards could handle this thing.

Assetto Corsa / VR - exciting times ahead...
« on: February 11, 2018, 07:33:48 PM »
Something like that would probably get me into VR - talking about the PIMAX 5k/8k:
Just need a matching graphics card...should reduce the number of collisions as well.

Can I get a spot as well?
Looking forward to it :-)

I think its vastly different mindsets and styles, at the time I said to myself why didn't he back off and taken the corner tighter so there is no chance of us coming together, anyway that's what I would of done and probably lost a position, but we would both still be racing,  not just take the corner as normal and drive merrily up the middle of the track, I play the game as its my car I don't want to dent or smash, I guess I have to accept not everyone plays like that

Mate, we were both going through this turn rather slowly. If you were able to watch the replay you would see the difference in speed between us in reference to I think it's Grat behind us. He was gaining big time there. That proves that I was not going full speed through this turn, but rather cautiously in order to give you space. My left wheels were on the kerb btw.
I understand it is useless discussing that with you as you have a different perception of what happened there and before at Okayama.
In this series there were 3 situations where you were running bluntly into the back of me. The way I see it, what you were doing at Okayama was pretty brutal.
I've certainly made mistakes myself during this series, but as far as I know or remember it were others suffering from that and not really you.
Btw. just a few laps before in this race we were going side by side through 3 or 4 turns without contact...yeah, what can I say...you do whatever you gotta do

Awesome!!! Would love to do that :-)
Got a steering wheel, but no motor, damn...send it off for an upgrade today  :'(
Probably 2 weeks no sim racing...

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