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Race one was an uneventful one...was there pretty much by myself on 3 with a pretty decent gap to the guy behind me, but Phil and Kcender were a tad faster so they were pulling away slowly.
So starting 3rd last on race 2, but a bit too cautious at the start, which moved me back last.
It went good after that and I managed to make my way to the front end somehow. There was some really good close racing. I think I was going side by side with Bacchulum through some turns without contact...was great :-)
Got involved in a crash later where a few guys were battling for position in front of me at the S at the end of the long straight. So they messed it up and one car was suddenly parking square right in front of me in the middle of the track, braked hard, but I couldn't avoid contact. However, luckily enough no serious damage for the both of us (I would think).
Race 3 was lots of action...many changes in position and some very close racing with Jeremy and Shayne. Made a couple of mistakes as well. It was a bit difficult racing close to Jeremy at times as he was lagging quite a bit, but we were lucky and it didn't cause a major collision.
Was fun racing...thanks

Assetto Corsa / Re: Triple screen confusion
« on: January 15, 2018, 11:35:02 PM »
That's what it looks like with me (3 24" screens at a distance of approx. 540mm, a fourth screen is on top of that):

Thruxton - incident between the orange and white cars. What do you make of this one? Did the white car "shut the door" on the orange car, or should the orange car have anticipated the fast line towards the apex (also knowing that the blue car was somewhere to the left as well).

<iframe width="640" height="385" src="//www.youtube.com/embed/Sy_J9ovJxI0?fs=1&start=" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

Considering the ambitiousness of the orange car the there were two potential crash spots - entry and exit. By giving this thing a go it looks a bit it's the white car's fault, but thinking this manoeuvre through it would have been almost impossible to avoid a crash at the exit as the orange car had to go wide there and the white one would have been in the way. In this case a clear fault by the orange one.
So overall the orange one is the bad boy imo.

The opening lap of the reverse grid race 2 - to show the good quality of racing with 21 cars.

<iframe width="640" height="385" src="//www.youtube.com/embed/0p7NzaYgl94?fs=1&start=" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

Great video. Of course it was race 3. Audio was up first and it was frustrating to hear you guys revving and my screens were still black...then the penalty as the icing on the cake...well, that was my contribution to that clean start  ;)

...Funny how so many keep saying that the 1:18.xxx times are because everyone must be cutting the chicane, just check the lap speed graph, most guys are WAY faster through there then my lap. So maybe it’s the chicane, or maybe it’s the 244 laps of practice, but sure, let’s go with the chicane thing.. lol

Godzilla, you’ve said it many times (in writing and verbally) that you lose time to others there at the chicane. My apologies for not excluding you as a racer who’s done a 1:18.xx allegedly without being particularly fast there for whatever reason. I’m very impressed by your performance.
I only mentioned it because there were quite a few situations where guys behind me suddenly stuck to my rear bumper on start-finish even though there was a pretty decent gap before…almost as if they were driving a different car.
Of course that doesn’t mean I’m saying they’ve cut there…I simply don’t know because I was very busy with my own driving at these times, maybe they’ve set up their car better than I did or they just drive better than me…all I’m saying is there were some guys being impressively fast there.
So, again, sorry about not being precise enough in the way I articulated myself :-)

Race 1 was quiet, wasn't able to keep up with the leaders, but managed to build up a gap to the fella behind me on 4.
Race 2 was very different of course...lots of action. My apologies to Matthew. I wanted to sneak through the inside at the exit, but you were slowing down because of your line (and maybe my nudge as well) a bit more than I expected and I hit you at the rear as a result...sorry. That line really is very slow.
Strangely enough I got kicked out of the server before race 3 and didn't manage to get back in in time for the race...ended up in the pits with a time penalty. That was great.
The result was accordingly.
However, it was some great racing and I enjoyed it...thanks.
Btw, it was amazing to see the speed some guys were carrying through the chicane before start-finish...seems to explain the 1:18.xx times on the practice server before.

Australian Assetto Corsa League, Tuesday nights / Re: S20R3: Thruxton
« on: January 07, 2018, 02:06:10 PM »
Not sure if I'm the right one to answer this as I'm not the fastest. On the other hand the faster guys have done their times on higher grip levels.
However, I've done my fastest lap on -3.2 front/-1.1 rear.

Australian Assetto Corsa League, Tuesday nights / Re: S20R3: Thruxton
« on: January 07, 2018, 12:30:19 PM »
I'm just keen on figuring out the shortcut Dave O was using when doing his sector 3 time on his fastest lap.
Then it's just about adjusting my fuel load and I'm good for the race ;-)

Australian Assetto Corsa League, Tuesday nights / Re: S20R3: Thruxton
« on: January 07, 2018, 12:19:17 PM »
But you're also losing through the final chicane, suggesting Godzilla is into something.
I'm taking the final chicane quite honestly.
The problem with racing is that part of the job is to figure out the limits of the track. PLP encourages to look at it to figure them out. So if it does not get red, one keeps going on that line, even if it looks a bit too much... It is like that in real life too: plenty of examples of corners where the apex or the exit is not really policed, with the stewards having an attitude more like "if you can handle that big curb, then it's up to you". I think this is why Godzilla is asking for clarifications. As otherwise most of us will just do whatever PLP does not penalize. (hell, I got penalized in round 1 race 3 for avoiding other cars and crashes. I might as well take advantage of the system when I can ;))

Guess that's the only practical way to deal with it...unless you want to spend hours on policing the whole race in retrospect. And how do you deal with borderline cases...watching slow motions from different angles!?

1st race is easy, got stuck behind godzilla for the whole race...no real chance to overtake.
Race 2 and 3 were a bit messy so I've got a bit of a list to go through.
First my apologies to Rob. Rob, you were braking quite a bit earlier than I expected, but anyway, that thing was 100% my fault. The accident with Russg was a weird one. I watched it many times from different perspectives. I knew you were there on my right and I wanted to leave you space, but we did have some minor contacts which resulted in some oversteer with me and then it escalated in you losing control and going off. Russ, you were pulling more and more to the right/centre of the track although I was still there. Maybe that was not deliberately and just a result of our contacts. It was unfortunate...I actually wanted to let you go.
Now Wally, you took an odd line there at that left hand turn and that slowed you down quite a bit. I thought that would give me a chance to go through the inside at the hair pin as I had a lot of access speed, but then that gap suddenly closed and that caught me by surprise. I had to brake and that got me off track with my left wheels and I lost control a bit which caused the contact.
At that point I thought it wasn't my mistake, but now, after watching the replay a few times, I should have braked earlier and see how you went in order to avoid collision.
On the other hand I was able to go faster and I saw an opportunity...and they are rare on this track...sorry it turned out for you this way.
It was an action packed race for me. So, fun on the one hand, but unfortunate in regard to the incidents...yeah, and a bit frustrating not being able to go as fast as I was able to...but that's what racing is like sometimes, isn't it?

Australian Assetto Corsa League, Tuesday nights / Re: Future Season Ideas
« on: December 23, 2017, 08:39:47 PM »
Yeah, that guy is extremely fast and not having DRS/KERS makes it a bit easier.
Maybe 3 sprint races work well, so if someone's race is messed up for whatever reason it's less painful...I know, not very realistic, but fun.

Australian Assetto Corsa League, Tuesday nights / Re: Future Season Ideas
« on: December 23, 2017, 10:30:54 AM »
A one make series in the Ferrari F2004 would be fantastic.

Australian Assetto Corsa League, Tuesday nights / Re: S20 skins
« on: December 20, 2017, 10:00:23 PM »
Hi Wally
Can you use the one below for mine please?

How are people getting speed out of this car? Are you running TC on or off? I left TC on as I find it a little too easy to oversteer out of corners with it off (as did Mael!). If you slide the car, you lose a heap of time.

Interesting you mentioned it. I haven't even tried TC off...thought it's useless.
Will do for the next one.
However, I did make changes to ride height, toe, camber and dampers.

That BMW is certainly not a favourite of mine, but racing was close and I enjoyed it.
The track was new to me and if I raced this car before I can't remember.
There's an accident with Grat where he pulled right in front of me probably assuming he already fully passed me. That wasn't the case and resulted in him going off.
Otherwise I managed to keep the car on track and stay out of trouble.
Thanks guys...have a Merry Christmas :-)

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