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I was a bit slow...but I compensated that with a bad pitstop strategy and making lots of mistakes ;-)  Apologies to Seanus.

Me too, please.

Btw what mod is this about here?
I found this one on the net: https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/f1-1975-he-v1-1.13612/

9:8 in favour of the 75's...looks like the Russians have their fingers in this already ;-)

Might post a full review later, Just wanted to jump on for two quick things.

1. Sorry to killagorilla if I messed up Race 1.  Keith was a bit slow onto the straight but I wasn't quite in a position to pass into T1 and tapped his rear and was trying to leave room for him to rejoin.  Suspect this left you nowhere to go.
Yeah, you slowing down there caught me completely by surprise...no time to react...went off track and came to a halt facing traffic...shit spot to get back on track anyway...and thought: Beer now...or coming in last...and then starting the second race with some ballast from behind.
I actually thought Keith has made a mistake there and he would let you pass. Didn't realise you were running into him. I think he's had a moment before as well and that was the reason why we were suddenly right behind him. Bad luck for me.

Sorry about taking you out Dave O. Rob was braking a lot earlier than I was expecting so I had to get off track in order to avoid running into him. From then on I was just a passenger and couldn't avoid hitting you when crossing the track later. Didn't really care about my f.u. race...yeah sorry about messing up yours as well.
Not blaming Rob of course...100% my fault...I was braking earlier, just not early enough.
I like the track...another new one to me.

Btw., noticed my posts here are not very popular, sorry about this as well...try to shut up as much as possible.

Yes, I've increased mine as well.

I'm between Mael and Killa in the season standings, and these are our practice lap times so far... it's going to be interesting, although I expect Mael to pick up the pace.

3.    killagorilla    01:15.090
4.    XGN Wally    01:15.446
5.    Mael    01:16.175

Yeah, looks like that :-)
I didn't know Croft, but I've raced Mills quite a few times before and apart from tweaking the setup a bit (again, it's a weird car to me, but nonetheless fun to drive) I think I learned a bit better how to drive it.
See how we go...probably very difficult to overtake there...and I'm not so sure the sharp left-hand turn after the long straight is a good spot...

I don't think I've disliked a car as much as this one. I did no practice because I hate driving it, but then that means I can't drive it at all for the race. Usually a car I don't really like I can still have fun with in a race but not this one.
You've done a great qualifying though considering that's without any practice.
I beat you by just 2/10 and I did prepare for this race...had to learn the track though.
The car feels pretty good to me and I like driving it.
On the other hand I simply do not understand it...really struggle setting it up.

After struggling with braking and turn-in and acceleration out of corners and, well, just about everything for the first couple of rounds I decided to go searching for a setup that might work better. I was trying out the Camber Extravaganza and getting worser and worser! Since no one at XGN Tuesdays posts their setups I decided to give The Setup Market another go.

Turns out they have an App now - http://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/the-setup-market.10149/

I found a setup and loaded it. It felt fantastic and I got down to the 1:38s. Wanting to learn what the setup magic was I did a comparison with the default setup. Turns out the only thing the setup changed from default was the traction control set to 9.
So, there you go. Learnt absolutely nothing in the whole exercise

Haha, that's a funny one. So what would you say if I told you that I've done a 1:37.5 on traction control set to 2?
I don't know if I've driven that car before, but it feels great on that track.
Really does seem like the whole setup tweaking exercise is a waste of time ;-)

Wally, sorry, but I won't be able to do this one either.
Wheel is pretty much ready to be shipped, so chances are good for race 3.

Assetto Corsa / Re: AC News
« on: February 23, 2018, 07:53:56 PM »
Fuck. >:(
Microsoft couldn't get me to update but it looks like AC will. ::)

Haha...I'm with you  :)
Yeah, Win 7 support is ending soon anyway...what can you do.

Sorry to hear that Simone. How about wireless broadband - is that an option?
Wally, still waiting for my wheel to arrive. It won't happen in time for race 1 that's clear. Sorry, I'll be missing out.
Have fun

Don't like the US flags there on the wing. Would be great to get rid of them.

Add these two files to your folder for Aussie Flag.


Awesome!!! Many thanks  :D

Don't like the US flags there on the wing. Would be great to get rid of them.

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