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RussG, I'm happy to just look at it from a technical point of view and if that helps avoiding just one single collision with any of us than it's worth the time for me.
I would like to bring up one aspect and see what's your opinion on it. As I stated before I was on the limit and I decided going race line because I thought you'd just stick out your nose there but not really go for it.
This is the fastest line I'm talking about. If I had decided taking a different line I would have had to brake earlier in order to make it through the turn without leaving the track. Well, braking early in this particular situation wouldn't have been in my favour I guess. It would have been counter productive.
The other question is, how to judge the amount of space...a full car width? No way that would have been possible there without drastic speed reduction. You would have gone through. The problem is I simply couldn't see you and judge how much space you may need. You see Freezer and me in the picture - see the angle we're going compared to the way you are positioned on the track?
I don't say you're wrong with playing it safe and leave a bit of space to avoid a crash...not at all. I'm just of the opinion that this idea is difficult to apply in this case. Looking back I should have gone defense line.
If someone is beside me going into a turn there is no choice, you slow down and hope getting a chance slipping through the inside at the exit.

I think it would be good if one is interfering with someone else's racing line in a passing attempt only if there's a realistic chance to be successful. Otherwise you'd lose positions too often in close racing especially. I'm more than happy to go side by side through turns...it's fun...but leaving the ideal line open as soon as someone is sort of close doesn't work. I could have done this move to Freezer so many times in this race...no, actually most likely only once...and the result would have been me feeling shit...again :-)
Btw. The accident before with Freezer was no overtaking attempt...just me misjudging his braking.

killa, what I meant by do you watch Motor racing was that you will see attempts to outbrake on the inside a lot. Some come off some don't. Usually the driver on the outside will be aware that someone is taking a stab and leave some space instead of diving for the apex.
You must remember that once someone is braking later up the inside, there is nothing more they can do. It is only the driver on the outside who can decide whether to have an accident or not.
This lap was the closest I had been and you left the door wide open with a big invitation on it. Now, I'm not saying it was a good move. What I'm saying is that there was no need for contact to have been made.

Mate, I watched the replay many times from different angles before making my post. I had to make a decision based on our speeds at that point in time and before and the distance between us. You were behind me far enough that I thought it's appropriate to take the race line. If you were closer or at least somewhat next to me I would have had to give you room. I would think it's fair to claim that if you're half a car length behind. Putting your nose there on the race line and claim this space for you is not fair.
Remember that I don't have external cameras and slow motion videos available to make a decision about what line exactly to take in that split second moment. The impacts there in the Escort at the Nurburgring were rough and significant enough to remember imo and that happening twice...I'm surprised you forgot. I just managed to keep the car under control with difficulties.
Please be more careful...hope we'll have plenty more close racing in the time ahead.

Freezer was coming closer to DC and me before the 'Go' from DC. I was going 126 and Freezer 132 at this point in time. There was a tiny delay in reaction time on my side, but Freezer didn't seem to have that. The result is just logical, he was passing me way before turn 1. Seems like I've made the mistake going exactly as fast as DC.
We've discussed that extensively, if the field is stretched and guys go at different speeds before the 'go' the few meters you gain as a result of your qualy time don't mean much.
Anyway I was able to go faster than him, but paranoid about about getting him involved in an accident after me turning him around at Paul Ricard. He was very fast on the straights, but I was a bit better on the brakes and in some turns. However, I didn't get an opportunity for a clean and safe pass.
Going into the pits one lap after him and coming out in front I was able to build up a gap, but later I messed it up twice, went off track and Freezer, Joe and RussG slipped through.
I managed to close the gap again and overtook RussG...so I had Freezer in front of me again.
Well, we were on the very last laps and then RussG made an attempt to pass me on the inside of that tight right hander before that very fast sweeping left hand turn.
I was going race line a tad more than a car length behind Freezer when he hit me behind the rear wheel and turned me around.
It's disappointing being taken out like that, as I'm obviously trying to win the series.
RussG, you've asked me  whether I watch car races, yes mate, I've done that extensively...and I'm very confident that the race line was mine. You were too far behind to have a serious chance of a clean pass there. If I remember correctly I've had you only once sort of close behind me before. That was in the Escorts at Nurburgring...and you were running into me twice in two consecutive laps at the same spot. I was able to stay on track so I haven't said anything...anyway, you may understand that this worries me.
It was fun racing with Freezer so closely...just a bad outcome.

When is that happening, Wally?

Not that I think it's too likely me making it on pole, but if I do I'm in trouble,...one hand on the wheel (without buttons) one on the seq shifter...would have to get my missus to assist me pressing the PTT button on my button box  :-[

Forming up early is a good idea, but I'm wary of trying to negotiate too many corners two abreast. A good spot here at Shanghai is just after the second last corner - the tight right hander. That leaves a fairly wide left hander before the straight. I reckon we should form up after that penultimate corner.

Yes, Wally. I think the key is forming up early. Going side by side through turns automatically slows the leaders down and produces a more compact starter field.
Larger gaps between rows disadvantage the guys at the back and they can be used to build up momentum before crossing start-finish line which can spoil the efforts the guys in front put into their qualifying.
I don't know what rules the guys in the GT World Cup have in place which produces such a compact starter field, but it seems to work.

Here a nice and tidy rolling start...and, watch what happened then :-)

Yes, the rule is very simple. The problem we have is that you can go 30k's in second gear and you can do 160.
Forcing the field into formation earlier and at a lower speed would probably help...and I don't think it would be complicated at all.
The problem we have is that everyone accelerates at different points in time. The leader gets onto start finish straight, maybe at a lower speed for the field to catch up, one guy in row 3 hits the gas pedal earlier and comes with so much momentum that he gets into turn one first...and , of course, he most likely doesn't even do it deliberately.
The faster you go, the later you get into formation and the less practise...the more complaints and discussions here.

What do you think about if Wally sets a spot during warm-up lap, maybe 3/4 or 2/3 where we have to shift down to gear 1 (which probably goes up to 90-100km/h with the GT3's anyway) and get into start formation and strictly adhere to it for the rest of the warm-up lap?
That may give everyone the time to catch up. Then accelerating & up-shifting after crossing start-finish line...and that for each car individually.
Just an idea...

Sorry Freezer! What can I say...feel shit about it. I know you're getting that sort of treatment almost every race and that makes it even worse :-(
Had a bad start and then quite a battle with Jeremy which messed up my race a bit.
Congrats to the winners.

Congrats to Phil and Matthew for their wins.
My start was good following Freezer and Phil closely. Probably could have gone a bit faster at times, but there wasn't enough excess speed to seriously think about overtaking. I went into the pits last and came out in front of Phil and Freezer. Phil was too close so I had no chance preventing him from passing me with my cold tires. Then, shortly after that, Freezer showed up pretty big in my rear view mirrors...sorry Freezer for going a bit defense line there...it was difficult keeping you behind there on my first lap out.
It was a tricky situation seeing DC and Joe coming out of the pits together...thought, far too many cars there in turn one. Happy we all made it though. There was slight contact with DC, but no damage I think.
Not too long after Freezer and DC went off Joe was closing in and putting pressure on me...yeah, so lots of action...was great racing, thanks everyone.

Anyway, great skills there. Interesting gear ratio. Should actually try it out, but just looking at the numbers I wouldn't be surprised if I struggled doing better than a 2:30 with it :-)
Err, guess I was wrong. Just checked the latest lap times, that setup seems to work...great!

That thing turned out pretty much perfect for me. Wouldn't have thought ending up on pole as especially DC seemed to be out of reach based on his lap times in practise.
I was lucky getting passed the two LMP1's at the start and the race went well from thereafter apart from the spin which got me on P2. However, that favour was returned so I went into the pits on P1. Yeah, the pitstop...it was pathetic. Must have gone in too slow so Shayne behind me was going right through me before we turned right onto start-finish straight. Then I missed my pits, had to reverse, went too far and at the 3rd try I finally made it. It must have looked pretty funny for someone watching this...like, what the hell is this guy doing there ;-)
The result was, I lost a lot of time and two positions in the pits.
Racing with the LMP1's was ok for me. I tried to be predictable. Didn't want to be rude when I was going there in the middle of the road, but I just thought, stay where you are and let them decide where to pass you.
Reg. cars, looks made me go for the Lambo when the choice was narrowed down to the Beamer & Lamborghini. Well, actually, the best looking car is the GT-R anyway ;-) but I just couldn't get rid of its understeer unfortunately.
I was very impressed by the time Phil squeezed out of the Ferrari in practise.
Cheers everyone. It was good to have Shayne around going pretty much the same pace :-)

Am I getting that right, the race starts for each driver when crossing the start-finish line - no acceleration and overtaking before that?!

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