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Cars & Bikes / Rust in pieces
« on: August 24, 2018, 02:53:28 PM »
Thought I'll post some progress of my "Best 4 x 4 x far"  ;D

The story so far, bought a rusted out Range Rover Classic 1982 for about nothing with the idea to restore it with my father. That way we both avoid having to watching the multitude of cooking shows on TV.  Both of us has had done a lot woodworking in the past but no mechanical or metal work at all. Still ended up paying too much for it though. During the 5km drive home it ran out of fuel (subsequently discovered a hole in the fuel tank) and had the brakes fail.  ::)

I'll post a few photo's later but so far spend MANY hours cutting rust out, both sides inner and outer sill has been replaced together with the rear interior quarter floors. We currently putting the rear axle back after cleaning, painting, replacing all the suspension bushes and rear wheel bearings. Sort of working from the back to the front  :) Its a 5 year project so lots of time left.

Below is what its suppose to look like, hopefully in we'll get it close

Hardware & Reviews / G27 Pedals seeks new home
« on: January 12, 2017, 11:40:24 AM »
The throttle of my G27 pedals gave a tiny spike or two which was just the excuse I needed for some new toys.

This means I have an unused set of pedals which still works perfectly most of the time and probably only needs a good service to work all of the time  8). If anybody wants the pedals or parts of the pedals please send me a message, I really do not want it gathering dust in a cupboard if its could be used by another driver.

(If the post is in the incorrect place please move it Wally)

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