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Going to be some big time gaps between drivers around this track  8)

The night started good with a solid 8th place qualifying. But a innocuous little touch with my team mate followed by a vicious attack by Joe on my poor Honda  meant the first race was a disaster, finished many laps behind the aliens. (Absolutely nothing do do with the terrible driving on my part  ;D)

The next two race were much better, just tried to stay out of trouble. Ended up getting the most consistent lap times for the two races which makes me wonder what everyone else was doing!

It's been interesting watching the fastest lap times on the practice server. First Joe, then Guybrush, then Phil.

Seems to have a good correlation between laptimes and laps done as well, well until you get to my time  :-[

Yes, it's going to be a difficult round. I like to have one challenging track in the season, where you'll have to be more cautious than normal. It's all part of mixing things up and it's a chance to reward drivers for other skills rather than speed. Someone's going to win each of the three races!

But I did turn damage down to 10% for this one, as like Joe said, there are some weird impacts with hay bales that suddenly destroy your engine.

Definitely a track to do some practice laps on. Bravery can bring good lap times but usually ends in tears  ;D

Thursday Nights fun racing / Re: Mod Faults/fixes
« on: June 14, 2019, 12:25:53 PM »
I'll list all know problems with the mod here, I'll strike out the text when fixed.

  • Alfa's camera is too low
  • Alfa's low res cockpit is invisible
  • Alfa's shadows need doing
  • Alfa's rev light timing
  • BMW seems a tad bum up
  • RX-3 needs more skins
  • BMW brake calipers are lit strange
  • Alfa's LOD_B diff needs to be added
  • Datsun needs more skins
Please mention anything you find and I'll add it to the list.

The BMW is missing its turbo  ;D

Thursday Nights fun racing / Re: S18 R1 - Mallala- 13/06/2019
« on: June 14, 2019, 12:21:43 PM »
Well done AB, some serious pace!

Had an interesting night. Kept on losing the car on the entry into the right hander after the pit straight. Only to realize on the final few laps that I was triggering the pit lane speed limit by going to wide on entry :o
Also well done to some of the newer drivers, some hard but clean battles.

Apologies for whoever I took out in race 3. Was a bit disorientated after connecting the pit wall entry barrier and did not realize I was still on the race track and not within the pit lane. Too many 360's  :-[

Race 1 bad shit happened. :(
Race 2 more of the same. :(

Caught the same disease  :'(

haven't had a lot of time with the track but a 2.09 in the Fez should be manageable.  Quicker if I have more time to practice.

I'm not even going to try to chase that time. You are driving in a parallel universe, mate :)
I could probably get another second or so out of it, but 5 !?!

With those times I'll count myself lucky not to get lapped  :o
Haha yeah right. I managed a 3:11.9 last night and could maybe squeeze out another .5 if I got everything right. Plus I have zero intention of trying to go anywhere near that quick in the race as I only manage 1-2 laps before a wreck...

The car was good fun, if not a little slow which made passing hard.

I did not find it that slow  ;D

Last - 6th - 2nd = comeback!
I unfortunately got cleaned up in both attempts to start race 1, with the second resulting in a fairly damaged car with 30kg's in the boot so I ultimately pitted to repair.
Starting last in Race 2 I was able to keep it clean and as the seas parted got my way through to 6th.
A similar outcome in race 3 saw me surprised to be in 2nd, so just focused on keeping the concentration up to get home.

Seems I spend the night finishing behind you Freezer!   First race really Last (4 laps Down, did I get points for this Wally?) ->7th  ->3rd  = comeback +1

Found I had very little motivation after a long day at work and non-existence pace found myself quitting the race after the second start. But thinking of Wally & Seanus work organizing the race I decided to give it a second go. So switched off all apps except Heliocorsa to try and improve the stutters and rejoined 4 laps down.

So spend race 1 keeping Russ's evil handling car company.

Race 2 a bit better, nice battle with Doobs for a whole just keeping outa trouble. Found some rhythm and with it a bit of pace.

Race 3 even better, tried to stay out of trouble the firs few laps, battled to get by Russ and then somehow ended up in 3rd.  :o  Blacked KCender for a couple of corners, apologies without apps I did not know that the pass was not for position. But it did give me a bit of exercise on blocking which was put to good use against Phil  ;D

Advice from Seanus, do not lower the rear of this car too much, it will interfere with correct working of the rear suspension, Kunos limitation.
Thanks Seanus.

How about locked setups?

Here we go,extract that to the track folder and overwrite collision.kn5

Can't swear I got it all as culling the faces needed was a bit tricky. Quick test was all good so see how we go.

 :) ;) :D
Thanks, added to first post.

Out of interest do those kind of modifications cause a checksum if not also on the server?

These Phil type quotes are confusing  ;D

Touch the any of the walls and you are ......

In my opinion the sticky walls makes this track unsuitable for a Tuesday race.

I seem to be incapable of driving, and smashed into the same building about five times. Sorry to anyone that couldn't avoid my incompetence.
I reckon I did about three hours practice and only completed about 5 timed laps. Woeful.

Blame the car/ setup Doobs  ;D

However this race show why old tracks like these are not used anymore. It does not generally produce good close racing and leaves half the drivers in hospital/morgue. Was fun driving it though!

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