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I seem to have fallen out of grace for my previous insolence; I can't find Guybrush's setup, can't d/l it from the server :)

Having said that I find this track a nigh' unplayable one; the walls are sticky, abrasive, there are holes on the outsides of the corners, and the walls are too close even if they aren't deadly - it's essentially an extremely fast & undulated city circuit.  I've even managed to get through one of the walls at some point.

I'd really like to feel as though I'm being ridden by a unicorn on a rainbow of love.

well, from here on this is what you gonna get from me, then.
I really wish you guys wouldn't do these answer-inside-quote things, they are mighty confusing and annoying.

I agree.

I really wish you guys wouldn't do these answer-inside-quote things, they are mighty confusing and annoying.

So...the big question: can you make the walls rideable and not turn up as a checksum error? :D

I had a quick run;  the walls are kind of deadly.  Otherwise it's a great layout, I much prefer it to the current one.   

I lifted into turn 1 and admittedly went slightly left but was hit from behind by a late braking Bird.
My question as to the penalty to me is did my squeezing left cause it or did Bird miss the brake mark and was going to hit me anyway ( I only ask this based on Bird's suggestion post race that this may have been the case).  From the cockpit at the time I felt I was well past him and attempted to carefully take the turn and was hit from behind.

It is a fair question; I've blamed myself for the accident first, I thought I did not give you room.  I've tried to brake hard as I saw you coming across the track, and tried to squeeze to the left even more, but that was all I could do.  You were indeed slightly ahead, but as the accident shows; not much.
It seems you automatically assumed the corner was yours, while I assumed I had the inside line clear, and the two were incompatible.  Unlucky.

The reason the blame landed with you is solely the rule that you need to keep your line in the first couple of corners.    Which is interesting when we start 3-wide, btw. :)

Haha, slowest round winner ever  ;D

Grats, mate!
Yeah, the magic of GB's setups is that while they're oversteery - making turning an easy thing! - they are still progressive and stable.   Creating an oversteery setup is easy.  Tuning it to this balanced state - that's the magic.
The only issue is if you yank the wheel to the side, you need to be prepared to catch the rear :)

It also depends on driving style; I remember Darren Marsh, still; his setups were generally way understeery, the only way to drive them anywhere fast was to be 100% correct on entry, otherwise you went wide with no way to correct.   But he made them work the bugger, he used to be one of the aliens.

The first race was really great, enjoyed it, and everything - great chase with Killa!

THowever the 2nd I've majorly fucked up.  wice.  I apologise to basically everyone here.  The first mistake was going into T1, I just could not turn any more I saw the gap closing on me but braking & turning did not work (panicked a little I think, and possibly the cold tyres didn't help either) and that was it....I think it was Freezer's rear I've nudged.
Edit: after careful review of the replay; I'm changing my stance on this one.  I've kept to the very edge of the track, there wasn't much I could have done.

Once we got going, up on the top I caught up to Greggy who was wobbling quite a bit left-right-left-right, and I've tried to keep behind carefully, while the crowds were really getting thick behind...then I saw him lining up left and went for the gap on the right...except I've mis-calculated by a tiny bit, it seems.     

Major apologies, to Greggy, and everyone else caught up in it.  I'll take my 60kgs 30kgs thank you.

Awesome setup, GB, as usual.

Very much likes to turn and goes where you point it.  Still very stable.  I don't know how you do it, but keep doing it, mate!
I was chasing a 29 the other day and I could not get near it.  Now, on the second lap out I've gone and broken my record by a second.

One question; do you plan to keep to this shorter gearing in the race?  I was thinking to be able to benefit from slipstreaming, the longest top might be needed...

Edit: except I'm going to be 30kgs heavier, maybe I should stick to the shorter :D

I have decided to leave this series Wally, I just end up too tired trying to do two nights a week :'( :'( :'(. I will be closely watching how it plays out :).

That's a shame.  But I agree it's a bit late to keep sharp all through. 

I've put a setup for the Ferrari on ptracker.

Thanks mate, I'll give it a go tonight.
Is it much different from last week's?   I was using it and finding it pretty useful (different gearing is all)

And sTracker only counts timed laps.
My 20 is closer to 40 with in/outlaps and incomplete laps. ;)

Yeah, my laps are at least double that amount, too ;)

well, this is one deadly track that I've never driven before...fair warning; it's not a half an hour to learn this one in :)
From my experiences at this track, the high speeds often bite you!

Well, that's good because there are barely any low speed sections :D

But to illustrate it; my first full lap was a 4:30.  Then slowly I've worked myself down to the current 3:30.8 (which did not register in ptracker!), still some 4s off kcender, and he had friggen 4 laps!!! Mate you must be driving with your right pedal glued to the floor.  Incredible.

It's a really great track when you get it right.   I'd call it a mini Nordschleife. 
But those houses and stuff right next to the track...geezusss...these guys had balls of kryptonium to drive these cars at 300+ speeds here, back in the day.

Brad, it may have been a hairy pass (I don't think it was, but let's say) - but after the pass you've been on the inside.  Then you made a mistake.  Nobody said you deliberately knocked the other car off track.
But the car in front did nothing wrong, went straight towards the corner & started braking.  That could not be accounted as a fault in any way or form IMO.  But happy to hear your argument; how is this a racing mistake at all?

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