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Australian Assetto Corsa League, Tuesday nights / Re: S26R4: Magione
« on: February 13, 2019, 07:44:12 PM »
Race 1 & 2 were great, although I shot myself in the foot by qualifying on the default setup.  Then in R3 I did the same again, and left the bloody default setup on.   Grrrr....I really hate that this game can't just reload your last setup!

It's incredible how much the simple TC1/2 settings change on the GT3RS.

And of course when I've tried to force the car to do more on tc1, it just snapped at me, went off...I was too tired to care to drive on at that point.   It was a fun 2 races, and that's about enough for me for one night, anyway :)

The car dealer is partially about the close racing, partially about giving everyone a chance to lead here and there.  To "mix it up".   To be consistently at the back is very tyring, and there's usually quite a few people around who cannot put many hours into practice each week.   

The car dealer can give them a boost of fun.  ;)

Btw; talking about close racing; I don't think you can achieve that for everyone in any way in a small field (not with the same car that's for sure).  The difference in skill means there'll be groups.   
The car dealer mixes the field up.
Now, of course each track is different, one car maybe more advantageous at one track compared to the other.

But the cars need to be fairly close in performance; eg if you have an alien, who can lap 2-3s faster, they need a 2-3s/lap slower car to even it out.   So as you can see, the selection of cars would have to be dependent on the field of participants as well, to some extent.    (although if you have to buy the cars weekly, and not keep it, I think it balances things out pretty darn quickly, and to a good extent)

But it can work.     It has worked in GTL and we only had a handful of cars to play with  8)

I think the one thing to aim for is that the biggest difference in car performance should be just over the greatest laptime difference between Alien Joe and Turtle Harry.

The one thing I noticed, as it personally effected me, is if you miss a round you get the same money as the winner.
Doesn't matter if you're winning, but kills you if you're down the back. :'(
I think that will be fixed by not letting so many people get rich over time. In the trial, people earned too much and got up the car list (and stayed there).

I still maintain the issue is that you keep your car :)

Missed rounds...well you definitely should not earn money for not turning up!

Me personally, I like any car that gives good, close racing.

Something else we could do is take a bunch of GT3 cars and apply a bit of different restrictor to some of them to spread their performances and costs out a little. But that takes some work then to get the balance right.

I bet you that anything will take a season or two to sort out properly. :)

I vote for street cars, they are usually more fun, closer racing :)

Australian Assetto Corsa League, Tuesday nights / Re: S26R4: Magione
« on: February 07, 2019, 09:25:07 AM »
It's a damn big jump from the gt3rs, so my guess is no.

Australian Assetto Corsa League, Tuesday nights / Re: S26R3: Monza
« on: February 06, 2019, 08:29:56 AM »
The first race was fun, even if I've fecked up every time I went past AB (apart from the original effup). 
The second was fun because I've got a pb and finally won a race.
The third was much like the second - I was half thinking of going from the back, but thought you guys may not appreciate me waving through the field...

I gotta say, it's still nicer to be alone at the front than at the back :D

Also: the GT3RS is a very nice & easy car to drive, all the spins were solely my fault.  In better hands, I'm pretty sure it could fly a few seconds faster.

Australian Assetto Corsa League, Tuesday nights / Re: S26R2: Zandvoort
« on: January 30, 2019, 01:04:00 PM »

No-one will choose a lower level car for strategy there's not much to strategise it seems, since you aren't really "saving" money.
I know what you mean. I'll see how this pans out, and it still may be better to win an amount of money after every round that let's you afford up to a certain point in the car list.

Although you still can choose to save for a more expensive car in upcoming rounds, at the expense of sacrificing some points earlier on. I think the current approach really works best if people buy the most expensive car they can afford, in terms of levelling the field, anyway.

That might not be a bad idea...auto-assign cars based on results.  That'd simplify it for us stupid users :D

Australian Assetto Corsa League, Tuesday nights / Re: S26R2: Zandvoort
« on: January 30, 2019, 08:44:27 AM »
Hm...I had a really boring couple of races. 
Since the cars are essentially the same, just a bit faster all-round as you step up (at the bottom at least) they are clearly separate classes - the different cars cut the field up into different races, like a LeMans. 

I know it was my choice to try the cayman - and I don't like it, the coxster was much friendlier - but the races were lonely.
No-one will choose a lower level car for strategy there's not much to strategise it seems, since you aren't really "saving" money.

Australian Assetto Corsa League, Tuesday nights / Re: S26R2: Zandvoort
« on: January 29, 2019, 08:57:41 AM »
I'm out. >:(
Headset broke, no sound, I'll be out for a while. :'(

Just grab a set of headphones, you can still listen in.  I'm using headphones and the webcam microphone.

Also, a decent desktop mic is in the region of $10, solves your problems on the short run, while you research that next awesome headset. ;)

I guess it's a similar system to iRaping's - you have a contact, you suffer for it.   
It works on the long run, averages out, so if you're usually clean & careful, you'll be fine.  I know I'm not really that, but whatever :D

Awesome, I've only got $66 damage fee.  I thought it'll be worse...so I guess wall hits don't really count?

Just a reminder the dealer is here: https://xgnsimracing.com.au/car-dealer

Enjoyed the two race before the solar batteries got a bit low!

Here is my 2cents. The difference in car speeds were too much. Not even GB would have been competitive in the boxter. I would suggest using the same car but in different states of tune (by modifying restrictor & ballast). For the cheapskates a backyard mechanic tune (100% restrictor & 100kg ballast) while the golden spoon drivers can get their car tuned by the  "AC Schnitzer" tuning house (or any-other ones goole suggest as the best tuning house).

Nice driving Bueller!
Mael, that's probably not the point.  The point is to mix the field up; i.e. make the really fast guys not-so-competitive for a race or two, then they can catch up.  Aliens will still prevail in the top region, just not the first position.
Once it's all tuned up, it should be fine I think (i.e. the monetary bits; prices & earnings).   
It gives non-aliens to win the odd race, basically.

That's one bit of a problem; in the olden days we took a few seasons to tune the car prices, and the car yard was the same each season (GTL times).

P.s. that was a tad different system in that you paid full price for the car and did not get anything back.  So the fluctuation in cars was great, you got a fast car, won, you went back to a slow car straight away. :)
It may still be the system to go for, as it kind of balances itself out to a large extent, you just need to 'tune' some car prices a bit that maybe too cheap or too expensive.

Take note Wally, Bird and Mael have 2c less to spend on their next car. ;) :P

Thanks guys, that was great, really tough to pass, had me sweating quite a bit. It's certainly good not having to worry about setting up the car and just drive. With only 4 rounds this is the last one I can attend, unfortunately due to work. I wonder if it were longer how it would go for me not being able to attend many events, I think I'd end up with a slow car while everyone else starts to upgrade throughout the season?
The goal is not to have everyone slowly getting into faster and faster cars, but to have the slower drivers end up in faster cars. Hopefully the field should stay relatively balanced, as even after a break, I would still expect a few Carreras and so on on track.

I feel, Wally, that this system will never truly even out, and it'll take long to get to a temporary balance.    The temporary point is where the slower guys are in the faster cars.   But then they'll top out, and the faster guys will catch up.   

Now, of course you can either make the process quicker by dishing out more cash, then it'll be like a wave, or slower, to try and peak it at the end; either way it'll have periods of imbalance.   And there's little auto-balancing during the season, once you got a good car, you keep it (again, accidentals notwithstanding).
I feel it has to be the slow method where you can only get into the fastest car if you finish down the order at least half the races or even more.  Otherwise the system can potentially be gamed a lot more due to the no-loss financials.

Just my 2c.

I've really enjoyed driving the cockster, it seems a reasonably forgiving little car.  I was even able to catch bigger slides on a couple of occasions, much to my surprise as well as others'.
I've even managed to put in a mid 1:04 lap during the race!   

Had great battles, chases, and a lot of gentlemanly drivers around - thanks guys, it seems everyone was driving in their friendliest manner. :)

By r3 I've run out of puff, and after a couple of early spins I had a hard time keeping up.   But I've enjoyed the nine, nonetheless.

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