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League Rules

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League Rules
« on: September 21, 2013, 09:43:08 PM »
Track Cutting
Track cutting is always a difficult issue - there are many opinions and real life tracks allow cutting to different degrees at different parts of the track.
But in this league, the expectation is that these rules will be followed:
  • Keep at least two wheels inside the white lines at all times, with the following exception:
  • Where there are coloured cement run-off areas, either on the inside or outside of corners, you may go outside the white lines, but keep all four wheels on the coloured run-off.
There are also some places where it is generally acceptable to run wide on the outside of a corner. Examples would be: to the right of Variante Alta (chicane at the top of the hill) at Imola, to the left of T1 at Hockenheim, to the right of Variante Ascari (T7) at Monza, etc.
These rules are not enforced – the expectation is that if people abide by this we can all race to the same rules.

If you cause an accident that disadvantages another driver, you do not need to redress the gained positions. It is often safer to just keep driving and not slow unnaturally on the track.  Any such incident will instead attract a post-race points penalty for the guilty driver as well as points bonus for the impacted driver.
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