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Morris Mini Cooper Gr.2 v.2.0

Author Topic: Morris Mini Cooper Gr.2 v.2.0  (Read 577 times)

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Morris Mini Cooper Gr.2 v.2.0
« on: August 19, 2018, 04:52:00 PM »
Morris Mini Cooper Gr.2 v.2.0

"The MOD has been completely revolutionized, both in physics and inside the cockpit, now much more sporty, with the addition of the Rollercage, sports seat with safety belts, a fire extinguisher and carbon finish instead of the wood finish. The completely revised physics now offers a very fun car to drive, brilliant and at the same time unpredictable. 4 gears, front wheel drive and a power of about 160hp give this small Brit a point speed of over 180 km / h and a guaranteed fun. The wheels have been slightly reduced in size to allow the lower body of the car. Completed the equipment, the additional front lights, flashing front and rear lights of the Pitline, the flashing on the main headlights, and finally the lighting of the instrumentation. Lods have also been added to improve online surrender."