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S28R6: Monza '66 (full course)

Author Topic: S28R6: Monza '66 (full course)  (Read 2674 times)

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Re: S28R6: Monza '66 (full course)
« Reply #15 on: June 12, 2019, 08:36:32 AM »
Highest order of apologies to everyone - I've managed to touch the bloody barrier of course, and it has/had a really bad part...that got me spinning, and after that I was a passenger.
Something is not right with these cars in this department; they like to just spin up and keep spinning madly - and of course there's nothing you can do.

First race was great, though.

Not coming back for race 3?

fook... I thought it was a 2-race night. 

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Re: S28R6: Monza '66 (full course)
« Reply #16 on: June 12, 2019, 08:56:06 AM »
My expectations weren't high for this one...thought a bit it'll be an early night. Done only very few laps over the weekend. Setup was a copy & paste from Imola with a gearbox adjustment.
During practice I had a bit of close racing with Freezer trying to figure how you can deal with these fast moving obstructions there on track...and what it feels like going off the ideal race line there in the banked turns, wherever this ideal line actually is. I haven't been able to work that out. So I stayed in the middle to be as safe as possible.
Of course we had a couple of contacts ending up in drama because of me making mistakes. So I thought extrapolate that with a bunch of other cars around you...hm, need a lot of luck tonight ;-)
Yeah, and I got plenty of that. No major dramas, very few slight contacts, but managed to keep the car on track apart from the start of race 2 I think.
The finish of race 1 with I think AGK and Bacchulum was pretty exciting and that one worked out well for me too. First I was just stuck behind them going side-by-side and then a gap opened up and I slipped through...very lucky.
Otherwise I was racing by myself, pretty much no draft at all.
Cheers. I think that was my last race for this season unfortunately.

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Re: S28R6: Monza '66 (full course)
« Reply #17 on: June 12, 2019, 11:22:43 AM »
Race one was constant pressure from Bird, he got close early but didn't have the power to get past completely.  I eventually had a small gap, enough to keep him behind and with Bacchulum and Seanus having offs late in the race I was gifted 2nd.
Race two saw Bacculum blow by on lap one and from there it was a quiet run home in 3rd.
Like Bird I equally thought that was it, but had to suit up again for race 3 :)
Race 3 was looking like a repeat of 2, with a clear track but a few laps in the smallest brush of the guard rail saw me spin dropping back to 11th.  I pushed hard and only in the dying laps caught a bunch of cars where I managed, with a bit of bumping, to get home in 7th.
Side Note: Bacchulum was pulling 0.4 in each banked curve in the same car which after some post race investigation I think I can put down to my car being noticeably lower and maybe dragging a bit on the banks!
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Re: S28R6: Monza '66 (full course)
« Reply #18 on: June 12, 2019, 01:06:42 PM »
...maybe dragging a bit on the banks!

Probably not dragging so much as scrubbing. Letting the car sit too low sets your cambers and toes all over the place.
With CM you can tell when you a bottoming out because it generates sparks now. But even then the collider is frictionless so it doesn't actually slow you down!
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Re: S28R6: Monza '66 (full course)
« Reply #19 on: June 12, 2019, 02:30:10 PM »
Hadn't really done much practice or work on a set-up, spent most of my spare time in acc trying out the new cars with the new wheel.
R1 trying to make sure I leave plenty of room I clipped the rail coming on to main straight, bent steering, lapping rest of the race with blue after pit. Last
R2 at one point t-boned a spinner and had a drivable but slow car
R3 same as r2, bit of battling though which was cool. Had an unexpected tank slapper on the last lap which caught out some behind me, slowed on finish to let them all go by.
New wheel is good even on the old cars, although it just doesn't seem right racing an old f1 with an ultra modern rim.

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Re: S28R6: Monza '66 (full course)
« Reply #20 on: June 12, 2019, 09:11:47 PM »
Race 2 was a disaster. I got tapped off at parabolica, then got aught in Bird's crash, with heavy steering damage. I thought I might be able to keep driving, but it was too wobbly in the corners, so I pitted for repairs. Then, on my outlap from the stop, I was letting a lapping car past by staying low on the banking, but they drifted down into me and spun me again. Not a great race, but strangely I had the most consistent lap times.

Sorry, that was me that took you out at the banking.

My Lotus never liked the bumps on the high side of that first banking, the second banking was okay, and I'd been avoiding the high side of that turn all night. I saw you coming out of the pits and stay on the inside, so I thought I'll take a chance this one time on the high side to pass and give you plenty of room - I did think about coming low and making a risky close pass.  Unfortunately it didn't end well, even with all the anticipation of the unsettling and preparing to catch it, I hit the bump and my car instantly speared off down the banking right while you were next to me  :-[