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Nov 19 fun run - Radical SR3 @ Donington

Author Topic: Nov 19 fun run - Radical SR3 @ Donington  (Read 4772 times)

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Re: Nov 19 fun run - Radical SR3 @ Donington
« Reply #15 on: November 20, 2019, 02:28:47 PM »
I wonder if results skew perspective...

I didn't mind them, certainly a very different car to the V8 or Mazdas we are driving.  Essentially over gripped compared to those two and a chassis that didn't respond to the normal "throw front camber at it" approach. The balance meant slow entry and as soon as you could get the fronts to grip you could get back on the power, often resulting an "early" apex.

The engine torque curve was a bit weird, almost like driving the old Audi diesel Le Mans cars with the short shifting.  In the end I just used the "drunker" setup from pTracker. 28psi was the HOT temp for tyres.

Agree that the brakes were a little too sensitive, even after lowering pressure.  I did notice that locking up a the chicane was much more likely if the Crew Chief called hot tyres at the exit of the uphill corner onto the back straight.  If you could keep the front left temp down locking wasn't as evident.

I also think Donnington is one of the harder tracks, I like it but it is always difficult to pass and show any weakness in a car. I think these around Silverstone or Barcelona would be a different experience.


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