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Fun Run 16-07-2020

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Fun Run 16-07-2020
« on: June 30, 2020, 09:03:32 AM »

    Every so often, or once in a blue moon we get a real treat - The last time I felt this was the freebie from RSS the 'F3 V6 by Dave Williams'... Shaun, thank you mate, fantastic drive, you should be rightly proud of this mod. I just wish more modders had access to the real time data and the input of a pro driver. Thank you Kevin Burke :) My evening was going to be taken up practising Fuji Int for an upcoming Super GT race this w/e.... Not now it ain't - It's the Radical @ Brands..... Sorry Fuji, you'll have to wait!!!!!

    Thanks Shaun..... Got anymore gems up your sleeve :)…. The throttle response, the down shift and the feeling on the brakes..... Superb!!!!!!!!
Mod by Shaun Clarke

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