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REAL TRACK - Automotodrom Brno - Rating


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Author Topic: REAL TRACK - Automotodrom Brno - Rating  (Read 2105 times)

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REAL TRACK - Automotodrom Brno - Rating
« on: October 29, 2014, 05:05:51 PM »
Developed from scratch by Sneer: "I've started this track back in 2006 for rf1 from scratch (it has never been release in public). I have reopened the project in 2013 for a game called "dolphin's racer". Now I've ported the latest version to AC. The visuals are noticeable lowpoly in some areas, but I have reworked the road-collisionmodel and some materials for AC."

Only has 18 startpos & pits.

I've included this for completeness and this is actually a good track. However, not ready for league races and there are issues regarding whether or not it will ever get updated due to another version rumoured to be under development.



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