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cheers Wally

We ran this in Netkar ??

I accept Mael
I pressed my push to talk button to gloat to Rob which is on my left
I drifted left without realising, spun in grass went across track straight into you
bout sums up my night
only thing i found a bit strange pitted 9th came out 14th  i must be waaaayy to slow in there

My results dont show it but had a good time in these cars

where can i find some setups please

lol  now AC wont work
Go to a race and it goes back to main menu   almost like a ctd 

Well im out
This game is heading like iracing (maybe not as bad yet)
Will we have to buy something every other month to be able to play it
How bout they fix sound issues, get in game content happening (ballast or dynamic weather anyone)
No lets just release half arse addons 
Reckon i'll be in minority on this

Looks like everything is ok
Fingers crossed

Na m8 seems ok ATM
I reckon the graphics card has fried   it got real hot the other day
Last night it went into meltdown  beeped its head of   then got windows error could not reboot
funny  though it just finished a windows update   hopeing thats all is wrong (and maybe card GTX550TI bit old now)

Sorry guys im out tonight
Something major wrong with pc, have had to do a full reinstall again
Will have fixed by next round i hope

Reckon i better make a return
Im in Wally if i'm not to late

Will give your suggestions a go guys
BUT sorry i'm over it this season
No probs on other games Guy
You are a bit to far away Istvan

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