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Not sure Wally   I do seem to be the only one having issues
Maybe delete and reinstall ??

I'm out for the remainder Wally
Just not getting into Assetto Corsa atm
I dont know if it's me, my net connection or both. but am finding very hard drive

Will turn up BUT if my connection is like last night i won't hang around
Is on the verge of being undrivable   
Optus ''worst service ever''

Glad it wasnt just me
R1 Very sorry to Shameless.  I hit him in the arse big time  i am blaming the lag issue for that.
Had to bail,, halfway around the track my laptime came up, that's how bad i was lagging
R2 Connected eventually, but the race had started. So dropped out again
Went and plyed AA4 had no issues  :o

Krahl has changed his name by deed poll to Phil.8.

Whats he hiding  ???

R1 wheel was not calibrated and had bugger all control
R2 fixed wheel and finished 7th (from dead last 8))
Observation from the back of the pack.  I see cars flying past others going in T1 all the time   there is NO way you can pull up because of the concertina effect. Passing at T1 is ok if there is space, but as Wally said there are things going on up front that will ripple down the whole field.
if you see someone slowing down its not to let you past its because the whole field is
Just my 2 cents worth

Good fun for me
Pretty much raced Freezer most of the night. Good, hard but fair racing (except that little T1 love tap ;D both our fault)
R3 have no idea what happened. P2 then bam im flying through the air Reckon warping problem.
Broke the car
Thanks Wally for another good season
Congrats to everyone

Im in
Surprise me for car

I will be in Sydney. So will not be racing this one   :(

Strange night for me
Had a couple of incidents i cannot explain
The one with shameless, i swear i saw a black car split us, I was wayout wide
The other major one was at T1 one (not sure who it was. you were very vocal) Need to see replay. but there was lots going on
Was trying to pass a car there while watching what Rob was doing as he just went off and was re-entering, I just didnt see you
Dunno,,, if my fault sorry BUT oh well    WARPING and LAGGY for me big time all 3races

Three awsome races for me
R1 Had a massive battle with Bird for most of the race Till i hit that stupid ripple strip on the last corner
R2 Rolz behind & Freezer in front Epic racing, Loved it
R3 Hooked up well in qualy, Started and finished 2nd, No way could i get near Perch

Thanks for the thumbs up Wobbly,  I used to win a few in Netkar, Just not good enough at this game yet

I will be there tomorrow night BUT will be a tad late.
I may miss R1. Will try to get there b4 it

Sorry about that  Freezer, we barely rubbed panels
That map was BUGGY, R2 i ended up stuck ontop of the catch fence
Good fun though

Hands up ;D

Thanks again Wally for the top effort
Congrats to the winners
As for me i just didn't get into these cars (loved the big turbo bastard though). So sorry for some ordinary driving

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